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RACINNE lady S Home Spa device is a 5 in 1 portable beauty device that helps replenish and stimulate your skin in various ways to reveal healthier and more beautiful skin. Bring the spa experience with you wherever you go with this compact, easy to use multi-functional facial device that will help give your skin that glowing look with the touch of a button.

RACINNE lady S consist of a Main Unit and a USB charger.

Optimal 42℃: Maintaining healthy skin collagen levels reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles. A natural way to increase skin collagen levels is to use skin care products that have skin collagen stimulating peptides. The optimal temperature to promote collagen synthesis is at 42°C.

Iontophoresis: Iontophoresis uses electrical movement to help deliver beneficial nutrients to the skin. After applying skin care products to the skin, this gentle electric based delivery system facilitates product absorption and helps nutrients penetrate deeper into the skin.

Micro Current: Promotes repair of the skin by using mild electrical currents. Working in harmony with the body’s natural skin replenishment process, the electrical stimuli helps to increase absorption of skin nutrients which play a key role in protein synthesis. Protein synthesis increases elastin and skin collagen productions which is essential for younger looking skin.

Micro Vibration: Massages the skin with rapid movements and vibrations which helps improve skin freshness and tone. Micro vibrations can help with the replenishment of skin cells resulting in younger looking skin.

Red Light Therapy: Red light therapy works by emitting a light over a certain wavelength. In skin care, optimal wavelengths helps to increase skin elastin and skin collagen production. Increasing cell replenishment visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for beautiful younger looking skin.

Switching on/off:
TO TURN ON – Press the Mode selection button once

TO TURN OFF – Press the Mode selection button for approximately 3 seconds

Mode Selection:
SPA mode
SPA MODE (42℃) – after turning on the Lady S it will warm up and automatically enter into Spa Mode. Warming up will take about 4-5 minutes and the Mode indicator lamp will flicker red. The Lady S is ready for use once it starts to vibrate and the Mode indicator lamp light is in red. After 5 mins, the lamp light will turn green, press once to switch to the FIT Mode or press for 3 seconds to switch off.

FIT MODE – after 5 mins in SPA Mode, the lamp light will turn green, press the Mode selection button once to initiate FIT MODE.

Press once on the Mode button to switch Modes.

After Use: Clean the lady S with tissues, damp towel or cotton pad.

How to Charge:

  • Turn the Lady S off and connect the USB charging cable to the main body.
  • Mode indicator lamp turns red while charging and turns green once it is fully charged.
  • Standard charging time is 6 hours.
  • After the standard charging time (6 hours) has elapsed, pull out the USB charging cable from the main body.
  • During the charge, the main body may become slightly warm, this is not an abnormality.

During the first charge, there may be a beeping sound. This is normal as it indicates that the lady S is completely out of battery, this should only last for 3-4 mins before it goes into normal charging mode with the red light and no beeping – once the battery is full the light will turn green.


  • Charge before the first use, device does not come fully charged.
  • With the USB charging cable, use with output voltage of DC 5V/1A.

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